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A Rash of Pickles

The departure to Leadville happens in T-minus 5 days. Or is it T-minus 4 days? I don’t actually know how the “T-minus” system works, but let’s assume that “T-minus 0 days” is the day of, so one starts to say “T-minus 23 hours” and so on. Which makes sense. So I am right.

Tonight we went out to celebrate with Ed and Abby via the Cattle Cafe. Voted the best Hong Kong style cafe in Vancouver, by someone, or something. It’s pretty good, I’ll give them that. I wish they had a more accurate way of translating Chinese into English, but otherwise it’s good. “Special pickles in vinegar sauce” would be more accurately described as “cucumber in vinegar w/ sundried tomatoes” for example. I need more accuracy, Chinese people.

Ed and Abby picked us up a bunch of shit from Trader Joe’s during their little visit to the United States of America, which was nice. We got some plantain chips, some preservative-free beef jerky (unfortunately it has wheat in it, but whatever, better than Migraine-Headache-of-Satan inducing Sodium Nitrite!) and a rash of other goodies. I love that word. Rash.

rash (rsh)

1. A skin eruption.
2. An outbreak of many instances within a brief period: a rash of burglaries.

Ok so I didn’t use it exactly correctly but whatever. Learn something new every day, and today I learned to unlearn something I thought I’d learned previously.

Perhaps I was confused with a “rash of bacon” which is also wrong:

rash·er (rshr)

1. A thin slice of fried or broiled bacon.
2. A dish or an order of thin slices of fried or broiled bacon.

Rasher. Sounds like a Skate Magazine from the 90’s.

By the way if you search for “A rash of bacon definition” in Google Images, you’ll come across a photo of a girl who is super stoked to be on the rowing machine. Which is excellent, because you all know how much I love the row!

So get out there and hit that Concept 2 rower hard, and when you’re done, reward yourself with a rasher or two of bacon.

She knows she's getting some bacon later. For breakfast.

Mitch out.

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  1. Jessica Marcone

    Hahaha great post Mitch. I’ll make sure to treat myself to a rasher of bacon after the gym tomorrow.

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