Last night the gff came over with a bag full of food and a hankerin’ to get busy in the kitchen.

As usual, I was relegated to cutting and cleaning duty. Step 1 was to cut up some onion. I asked “how big of pieces do you want?” She held up her fingers. A quarter-sized gap. “You got it, boss!” I held the onion in my hand, and visualized, using a combination of expert intuition and complex 3D mathematics, how I might achieve such an onion piece size. My wonder-brain quickly solved the problem, and I set to work, wielding my knife like a skilled artisan. Several minutes later, I wiped the sweat from my brow and proudly displayed my work – a perfect mound of perfectly sized pieces!

“Ehhh… Too big.”

Anyway, so needless to say I didn’t help much, but the dinner turned out perfectly. (In my defense, I made the mashed sweet potatoes almost by myself and they turned out awesome.)

Here are a couple of recipes “we” were working from:

I’ll reproduce our version below, for your benefit.

This meal was delicious. The only thing I would change is that the inconvenience of the chicken thigh is not worth whatever subtle flavour benefits may exist. Use boneless chicken breasts so you can wolf this meal down with the voracity it deserves.

Paleo is life.