So I moved into my new house. I am no longer homeless.

I miss the mountains, although sleeping in that sleeping bag is a bit annoying. I was really, really dirty too. I didn’t really notice just how dirty until I had access to a mirror and a shower. Shudder.

It’s very easy to take something like this for granted. Living on a mountain for a while helps to keep things in perspective.

Life is easy now. I have a big kitchen, a giant mansion (seriously, this place is ridiculous) and a shower. Oh god. What a glorious shower. Water comes out of this shower head thingy, up on the wall. And it’s hot! So hot! What a luxury.

Dining room in the Mansion.

The mansion has a suitable Kitchen. It could use some modernity, but a working stove and fridge are really all you need.

The dog has her crate back, and yet another chaise lounge to sleep on. She just walks back and forth between them, sleeping all day. Tapering is boring for everyone…

This is her, fully asleep.

I’ve been eating real food, too. Made a sort of omelette. My goal is to eat a whole bag of greens / spinach per day until race day. Try to keep that inflammation down and boost the ol’ immune system. Felt a bit of a sore throat the last couple days so want to avoid getting sick.

Body feels absolutely great. Did a short tempo interval session down around Turquoise Lake with Carlo, which was great. I felt good, knee felt good, pace felt good. Just did 3 x (3 mins + 1 min rest) plus the warmup and cooldown.

Now I’ve got a freezer again I’ve been icing my knee. Doing my Gluteus Medius lateral leg raises. (Lying hip abduction, I guess it would be.) Don’t think it’ll hurt to do that a couple times per day this week. Going to stretch the hammies (lightly) and roll the calves, too. Not much else to do. I haven’t done any core or strength stuff other than that. I should have… But I’m lazy, frankly. Shit.

Bought myself a sweet little Duracell USB battery charger. Gonna use that to charge the Garmin after I hit the halfway point. Will stick it in my pacer’s pack, and should be about good to go by the time we reach Twin Lakes. I’ll be saving the first half and running the second half as a separate run though. Brandon Fuller has his full 2010 course online, but I feel like the number and times and all that data gets to be a bit… onerous. I’m gonna reset that clock. Psychologically beneficial, methinks. Speaking of Mr. Fuller, I saw him in the Safeway. I gave him a nod like “Oh hi there!” and then I was like “Wait a second. I am just an internet stalker, I don’t actually know this dude at all.” I’m sure he gets it a lot though, being a something of “Leadville staple”.

My charger just finished doing it’s duty, and took 2.5 hours or so to charge to 100%. More than enough. I’m still getting 16 hours of battery life out of the 310xt, so it’ll still be going strong at Winfield, when I start recharging. Sweet.

This thing is money. Fully recharged Garmin 310xt in 2.5 hours.

What other news beckons? I’m going for the 1st of 3 short race rehearsals tomorrow morning. 4 AM start at 6th & Harrison. Gonna test the clothes, get used to waking up early, and try to get the digestive tract tuned to an early-morning purge. It’ll just be a short warm-up jog, then some breakfast and stretching, but it should help to nail down my routine, keep the nerves down, and ease the pain on race day. Will be fun too. I like early morning starts.

Of course this place has an antler chandelier!

Ok. I’m off to Denver to pick up the family and buy some more running shit, like 6,000 calories of gels. Last time I was in Boulder I bought about 100 bucks worth… and I’m down to my last 3 gels. I’ve still got the Perpetuem (gag) but need more fuel…

Mitch out.