I was excited to discover that Badwater, according to their Facebook page, had returned to the original course for 2015!

I had thought that would never happen, and my disappointment was significant when the idiotic new “event” rules were put in place. However, Badwater managed to sort it out!! Or did they?!

Apparently, though no official announcement has been made at the time of writing (Nov. 18, 2014) the only change is that the start time is now … at night?

At first I figured that this wouldn’t have that much of an impact, it would merely defer the sun’s horrific, killing rays. However, now I’m not so sure. I plotted out the sunrise and sunsets, and added up the total hours of sunlight and darkness, and I think the daylight hours, for the vast majority of people, are going to be fairly reduced.

Without further ado, here is the table:

Badwater daylight hours comparison

Hours of daylight versus start times for old and start times.

The only badass solution is to shoot, without any question, for 24 hours, so you ensure that you get the same sun as the previous start time would have. (Never you mind that only 2 people that ever gone sub-24, I think…)

More data analysis to come. Has my dream race been hobbled?