The list of entrants in the 2012 Leadville is online, so I made a summary of the list of Canadians who will be running Leadville.

You love your country. That’s wonderful. I’m happy you happened to be born here, you must be so proud.

It’s certainly possible I missed some, I didn’t use a very robust methodology for picking them out. I looked up the BC runners to see if anyone interesting is running. If you know of these people, let me know and I’ll look them up.

  1. Steve Beach, Richmond Hill ON
  2. Moe “The Eagle” Beaulieu, Victoria BC – ran 24:24 at Western States 100 miler
  3. Jean Daniel Begin, Toronto ON
  4. Mary Betts, Surrey BC – ran 28:33 at Western States and 39:59 at Badwater 2011
  5. Matt Cecill, Victoria BC – ran 7:11 at Sun Mountain 50 miler
  6. Simon Donato, Calgary AB
  7. Sheri Foster, Calgary AB
  8. Stephen Gould, Powell River BC – ran 25:11 at Badger Mountain 100 miler
  9. Jon Heshka, Kamloops BC – ran 14:55 at Squaw Peak 50 miler
  10. Patrick Houde, Montreal QC
  11. Wade Jarvis, Canmore AB
  12. Louis Lazar, Calgary AB
  13. Michel LeBlanc, Vancouver BC – “This is he.”
  14. Torben Lind, Victoria BC –
  15. Chris McPeake, Toronto ON – ran 6:17 at Sun Mountain 50 miler
  16. Dave Melanson, Saltspring Island BC – ran 7:35 at Sun Mountain 50 miler
  17. Alston Miller, Powell River BC – ran 25:11 at Badger Mountain 100 miler
  18. Charles Oatman, Etobicoke ON
  19. Kendra Olsen, Caledon ON
  20. Ammon Piepgrass, Calgary AB
  21. Gilles Poulin, Bromont QC
  22. Mathew Rogers, St. Albert AB
  23. Morgan Schick, Mississauga ON
  24. Jen Segger, Squamish BC – ran 32:31 at Badwater 2008!
  25. Tammy Sieminowski, Toronto ON
  26. Mike Suminski, Victoria BC – ran 28:57 at Leadville 2007
  27. Carlos Vicens, Mississauga ON – 57th with a 9:16 finish at Silver Rush 50ver Rush 50
  28. Stew Wilson, Beaumont AB

Total is:

  • 11 from British-Columbia
  • 7 from Alberta
  • 8 from Onterrible
  • 2 from Quebec

Of note is athlete Jen Segger. She’s an ultra-runner from Squamish, who I actually had a chance to run with back when I was training for the Tenderfoot. Apparently she’s never run Leadville, but she has a pretty impressive list of results, including a 9th place at Badwater in 2008, which is pretty cool. I believe her time (32 hrs) is a course record for her age group at the time (women’s 20 to 28.)

It’s strange I’m the only one running out of Vancouver, although I guess Mary Betts is running out of Surrey, and that’s plenty close enough. East Coast is seriously under-represented. I wonder if anyone has ever run Leadville out of New Brunswick? Or Manitoba? Does anyone ever do anything interesting out of Manitoba or Saskatchewan, except leave the place?

This is what I’m proud of: cops on horses. Fuck I love horses.

Here’s a hilarious news spot I found that features three of our BC runners! Thankfully it reminds me why I don’t watch TV, least of all the news, but it is great to see they are getting some coverage!

Train hard, boys, race starts in 24 days…

Mitch out.