Breakfast today:

3 eggs = 210 cals
1.5 slices of bacon = 105 cals
0.25 spoon of coconut oil = 40 cals
2 packages of gluten free oatmeal = 360 cals
1 banana = 105 cals
1 cup vanilla almond milk = 90 cals
1/2 cup orange juice = 55 cals

So total for the morning is about 965 calories. Not bad.

I’m on my second rest day, right now. Yesterday and today completely off. So bored. I’m dying to start running again. Tomorrow I’ll get a good 21 km in, and another 25 or so on Thursday, then I’ll take Friday off again.

If you’re wondering what kind of socks to buy, there’s only one brand I recommend: Swiftwick. They make amazing socks! To prove my love of them, here is a picture of my Amazon shipment of socks:

That’s like 90 bucks worth of socks. Vibe Zero’s and Vibe One’s. Colour coded! I’m a genius.

Seriously. Buy those socks. I bought the slightly higher cut ankle ones because I was tired of getting rocks and pine needles and crap in the tops of my socks. So for trail running, a slightly higher cut sock is perhaps best. Lots of guys wear gaiters, but I think that’s probably a bit overkill, so I shall not.

I got some photos from our last few hikes up Hope Pass, one of which I did with Matt:

Matt and Tona leaving me in the dust. I was struggling at the start of our hike.

At the signed fork in the road, go left. Little Willis Gulch = Hope Pass.

There’s a little grave up just at the tree line. Kinda creepy. Do you think there’s a skeleton under there? I suppose so. I wonder who it is?

There was a squirrel or gopher or whatever hiding in the cairn at the top. Tona on watch.

Matt looking fresh after a hike up the Twin Lakes side.

This is how I spend most of my time hiking up Hope Pass. Doubled over in agony.

After hiking up the pass, I tend to stop down at the awesome little lake (you can see it in the background of these photos) and let the dog cool off after the hot and dry last couple km. It’s great, I want to go camping up there. I just … don’t wanna carry gear up that epic hill, is all.

Just perfect up here. Mountain Paradise!

Another shot. So awesome. The dog just paddles around and does laps.

Then we run down! And another ascent of Hope Pass is complete. I’ve done it 6 times now. Starting to get familiar. It ain’t easy still, but I hope all this training helps on race day!

Ok, best go be productive…

Mitch out.