Movember is here, and that means the opportunity to grow an amazing moustache without fear of social reprisal. Even the g/f can’t very well complain, since we do it for science.

I’ve been documenting my mo’ very diligently, but those photos will only be revealed later. For now, on this first week anniversary, I took a shot to share with you. It didn’t really turn out that awesome, but I’m gonna lay 65% of the blame on the g/f, who couldn’t hold a camera steady to save her life. (Or, it would seem, the lives of countless men who may now die of prostate cancer because of her inability to accurately capture the true musky, manly essence of my mo’.)

"I don't know if it's art, but I like it."

Week 1: The Seasons of Mo'

If you’d like to donate to the cause that I support, I gladly and wholeheartedly redirect you to the Mo Page of the Esteemed Chairman of The Beard, JarDeaner. He raised a ton of money last year, so do your part and invent a solution for cancer! Together we can! Be all that you can be: Air Force.

Mitch out.