"Albert Camus wrote that the only serious question is whether to kill yourself or not."

Ok well it’s Friday

Welcome to Friday, friendo.

I am clearly taking advantage of my new “easy to update” website content management system to write at you at an opportune moment. Consider yourself privileged.

No wait! Not yet. You’re not privileged yet. What if I have nothing to write about? Well, you may have wasted your time, but at least you weren’t working. Thank God for Small Miracles.

On the ML front, things are going reasonably well. Dare I say “exceptionally well”. I bought a bag of oranges yesterday, for instance. They are “SK CaraCara” oranges. SK is a branding, apparently, for “Sunkist”. It actually says on the bag “sk” from Sunkist. Holy Sweet Merciful Lord in Heaven do I have nothing but raging hatred of this society I find myself trapped in! I forgot to mention, they actually wrote “sk” in lowercase bold letters. Whatever. I didn’t buy them for the branding, thank F God, I bought them for the fact that they are freaking delicious. Yesterday, in fact, I ate three in a row. You should check these oranges out. I’m being serious. I’m online right now, spending precious moments of my life to recommend to you a brand of oranges. They are reddish on the inside, almost grapefruit like, and as delicious as a sunny forest meadow with a rabbit in it.

What else? Well, the weekend is here, obviously. The bros are in town this weekend, which is doubly awesome. (Because there are two of them. Why have one when you can have two at twice the price?) We don’t have any real plans yet. I need to run 41 km over the course of the weekend. Maybe further. 43? 26 km on Saturday and 18 km on Sunday. Someone add that up for me. Years of pretending to work has atrophied my brain.

Sorry about the lack of extraneous audio-visual cues here. I’m going to find out today how to import picasa albums and photos into WordPress posts, courtesy of Mr. xtracold (http://www.jamiewardlaw.co.uk/) who is something of a clever man. I will get to it in a shortly.

In the meantime, go buy some sk CaraCara oranges from Sunkist – Natural Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle.

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  1. jw

    Hey mr…I had similar joy in a pack of beer once, six exquisitely packaged bottles, a golden filtered delight. As for my namesake website, it is not a good reflection of my intellect….or perhaps it is…having royally screwed up a database migration at the weekend. Laziness leaves it in a useless state…but its parent http://www.xtracold.co.uk is still alive and kicking!

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