"Albert Camus wrote that the only serious question is whether to kill yourself or not."


Well, it’s done. I’ve decided to finally get back on the blog scene (haha, could you imagine if I was using that term, blog scene, seriously?)

Not sure what that means really. Not sure what kind of shenanigans I’ll get up to.  I do know that it’ll be a lot easier and faster to write and update than Ye Olde Website so hopefully you’ll have more things to read, and more reasons to come back and say hello.

Essentially I feel like Facebook is ruining the internet, so rather than post little tid-bits there, I’ll post lots of tid-bits here. Ones that require a bit of effort. A bit more thought process, a bit more concentration.

What will I write about? Uhmm… Tough call. I guess the usual ramblings. I’m sure I’ll continue to post funny photos I find on Reddit or Fark or whatever. But I’m embarking on some endeavours that I think are interesting, and perhaps worth blogging about:

  • I’m getting a personal training certification (let me know if you want to hire me!)
  • Running an 80 km ultramarathon in a few weeks, The Tenderfoot Boogie
  • Training to run a sub 3-hour marathon
  • Eating a Paleo Diet in the hopes of achieving caveman strength, super health, and a digestive system that works properly
  • Working on my website, www.dreamsofmine.com
  • Training my dog to run and to pull in a harness
  • Trying desperately to save money and learn to invest
  • Trying to sell my truck and buy a fuel efficient beater hatchback (or, more likely, a 1990 BMW 318is.)

So these are some of the things I might be writing about. I’ll try to tag them appropriately so you can avoid the fitness related ones if you want!

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  1. Jardine

    ’bout time. I look forward to some creative writing popping up on here too.

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